Opus serves as a post-production house to offer editing services for video and sound, special effects and animation.

Our expertise serves our customers from the shooting plan through on-set support via editing and finishing.



File-Based Data Management

Opus offers over 2 Petabyte (2000TB) of RAID storage servers and several LTO autoloaders for the protection of your data.

Our high-end technology combined with our trained and dedicated staff ensures our customer's peace of mind.


Opus cloud solutions create instantaneous feedback to improve collaboration and lower costs for both theatrical and television projects.


Opus offers premium editorial suites along with real-time consultations with workflow experts and a technical infrastructure conducive to collaboration over Avid NEXIS media servers.

Remote Editing

Opus is a world leader in remote editing. Using the latest Teradici PCoIP technology we are able to offer remote editing in a cost effective plan, allowing production to work from both local and remote locations directly on our Avid NEXIS servers with extreme performance.

Online, HDR Grading and Finishing

From SD to 8K HDR - Opus has it all. Our experienced creative minds relay on our state-of-the-art technology and allow us to offer a variety of tools based on your needs and budget, from Avid Symphony to DaVinci Resolve 4K HDR and SCRATCH 4K finishing system. Opus offers an array of the finest colorists and online editors that work on our systems on a daily basis.


Our finishing department is composed by four SCRATCH 4K systems and eight DaVinci Resolve/Avid Symphony systems which allows us the flexibility to service many productions at once.


One of our SCRATCH 4K systems is dedicated to full-length feature films and equipped with a DCI compliant projector, a 4.5 meters wide screen, a 5.1 Dolby sound system and a DCP server.

Opus Digital Lab is the only Certified Dolby Vision Facility in Israel for HDR.

Opus Digital Lab
Film Restoration

The cinematic and documentary treasures of past generations are dwindling, despite their increased use in documentaries and the public’s renewed access to feature films.


Opus Film Restoration department provide an end-to-end 4K Film Restoration solutions, based on automatic, semi-automatic and manual tools. 


Opus obtained the best restoration system in the world: the Phoenix Refine software, enabling restoration at significantly shorter rendering times. The system is connected to a 65” 4K monitor, enabling us to control, locate and handle flaws: clean blotches, scratches, dust, stability, blinking, warping and any possible defect in the film world.


Opus sound studios are based on the industry's leading Pro Tools Ultimate software and are optimized for post sound, for perfect soundtrack design, and for automated dialog replacement.

Mastering & Delivery

Opus DCP and IMF mastering services include the conversion of images and sound tracks into digital cinema formats and to Netflix approved IMF packages.

We offer mastering services for TV series, feature films, trailers and advertising.


Opus provides a full range of file format conversion through hardware and software high-end solutions, and of course, we master DVD's / Blu-Ray with unlimited copies as well.

Opus Sound
Transcoding and Digital Archive

From any file to any file and from any tape to any file – our transcoding systems include a variety of solutions.


We offer both hardware and software transcoders which includes the most advanced state-of-the-art tools. We use Cinedeck RX3G, Bluefish444 and Red Rocket X hardware encoders as well as Assimilate SCRATCH, Harmonic Carbon Coder, Telestream Episode and Adobe Media Encoder software transcoders. These tools allow us to offer digital archive solutions to productions companies that wants to transfer old tapes to digital files.


We can handle all professional tape formats – from Umatic to HDCAM.

Via tape incubation, we can recover old deteriorated tapes that suffer from the Sticky Tape Syndrome. 

Custom Off-site Solutions

Every production manages its workflow differently, has different needs and a different budget. Opus has the experience to provide custom solutions to all those needs – from ingest to delivery.


We custom-tailor systems exactly and specifically for unique workflows and budgets.

Whether your production requires building a post facility in the middle of the jungle or just renting a standard Avid system for your familiar office environment – we can provide it!


In addition, we offer technician services, rental of various types of VTR, and of course, constant guidance and support throughout the production.

Post-production Software Development

Our software development department is a unique combination of video and IT specialists. In order to create a perfect workflow, we realized that we must develop several applications that are customized to meet our clients' needs.


The software department has developed several workflow enhancement tools that speed up the editing and conversion process. These applications include Opus Data Manager, Opus DVD Creator, Opus Transcoder, Opus Re-namer, Opus A-Copy GUI and Opus Server Drive Manager.

Sign-language translation

If you are looking for a real-time sign-language translation service, Opus Post Productions is the place.

File to File, Tape to Tape, File to Tape and Tape to File – we can do the them all with the best sign-language translators found in the market.


Opus also serves as a production company for a wide range of productions including TV dramas, visitor centers, museums, marketing, promotional and feature films.

Opus Productions